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  • Allen of Hanover, customer since 2003 (Received 11/28/11)
    I am a 58 year old male. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost 44 years ago,8 years ago, before I started taking 300 mg / day of Benfotiamine I had background and prolific retinopathy.
  • Linda of Kissimmee, Florida (Received 9/30/03)
    I have been on your Benfotiamine for maybe a month now. I've been diabetic for at least 12 years, based on when the neuropathy in my feet began, but have only known I'm diabetic for about 19 months.
  • Conne of Colorado (Received 11/22/03)
    I am a 48 yr old female Type 1 diabetic. For the last 8 years my health has failed due to this disease.
  • Jane of United Kingdom (Received 02/09/10)
    I am a Type I Diabetic (33 years). I have been taking benfotiamine for about 2 years. The benfotiamine has helped with a trapped nerve in my arm.
  • Bill of Indiana, USA (Received 12/04/08)
    I had painful, nearly debilitating sciatica and tried everything I could to get rid of it: pain killers, muscle relaxers physical therapy, etc.
  • Rita of Elmore, NV (Received 4-20-12)
    I have been taking the Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula since the fall of 2007. Two capsules twice a day relieves the tingling and burning pain of my type 1 Diabetic Neuropathy pain in my hands, feet and legs by 95%. In four days I noticed a difference and by week 2, it was nearly gone.
  • Richard C. Los Angeles, CA (Received 5/9/12)
    Two years ago my 77 year old wife was diagnosed by two MD's as having Alzheimer's. I read all the horror stories on the Alzheimer's website and was resigned as caregiver to a lifetime taking care of a wife who only got worse. To cure the post neuralgic pain, I found a site that advertised Benfotiamine.
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Benfotiamine.Net, Inc. is a family business currently owned and operated by Debby Montgomery. The company was originally founded by Louis Montgomery in 2003. Lou passed away in 2010. Both Lou and Debby served in the Air Force with distinction before and during the Gulf wars. Debby can be found working at Benfotiamine.Net everyday along with her Dad, Dr. Jack Butz, who started off his medical career in the USAF. Debby and Lou's 2 oldest sons are currently serving in the military; the oldest as a Marine Corps pilot, the second as an Army Blackhawk pilot and their oldest nephew is in Naval Flight school. The Montgomery and Butz families proudly support various veterans organizations and businesses and our brave men and women in uniform serving our country around the world.
I founded Benfotiamine.Net, Inc. in 2003 because I wanted a reliable, high-quality, low-cost source of benfotiamine for myself and others in North America.

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes some five years ago. In the past few years I have experienced progressive symptoms of neuropathy and occasionally severe bouts of sciatica. Since beginning a benfotiamine regimen in March, 2003, my neuropathy symptoms are no longer progressing (in fact, they are reversing) and the sciatica attacks have stopped completely (a huge relief). Also, my blood pressure has moderated, dropping some 15 points on the systolic and 10 points on the diastolic readings. Though these results are not scientific, and certainly do not justify making any health claims regarding benfotiamine, they were certainly impressive results for me and, along with the numerous scientific studies and clinical trials I have read, good enough for me to recommend benfotiamine to others, including those closest to me. I recommend you navigate to Benfotiamine.Org to review the FAQ’s, clinical trials and other studies that have been conducted on benfotiamine. Go To Benfotiamine.Org

I started this business because in 2003 benfotiamine was expensive and inconvenient to acquire from abroad. At first I was curious as to whether benfotiamine was considered a drug or a supplement. I have established to my satisfaction (and based on the expert opinion of others in the industry) that benfotiamine, a synthetic precursor of active thiamine or vitamin B-1, is a dietary supplement under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994 because it is a metabolite of a recognized vitamin.
For those curious as to the current FDA stance on dietary supplements, I offer the following quote from their website:

“Under DSHEA, a firm is responsible for determining that the dietary supplements it manufactures or distributes are safe and that any representations or claims made about them are substantiated by adequate evidence to show that they are not false or misleading. This means that dietary supplements do not need approval from FDA before they are marketed.”
See: http://www.fda.gov/Food/DietarySupplements/QADietarySupplements/default.htm .

I am satisfied that benfotiamine is safe. I use it, my wife uses it, my friends use it and thousands of customers have used it for years at doses ranging from 300mg. to 1500mg. per day. It has been used for decades by millions of people overseas with no reports of adverse effects. It has been scientifically established to be much less toxic than thiamine hydrochloride (a common vitamin B-1 precursor) and vitamin B-1 has enjoyed even wider-spread use with only rare reports of mildly adverse effects (apparent allergic reactions).

Others I am aware of who use benfotiamine report positive results similar to those that I personally experience. I feel very good about offering this product to the public.
FDA DISCLAIMER : Because benfotiamine is a dietary supplement the FDA only requires manufacturers and distributors to have credible evidence as to its safety. The FDA itself has not evaluated benfotiamine for safety or effectiveness. Benfotiamine therefore cannot be represented to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more information on this and related topics, please follow this link to FAQ's on benfotiamine.
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