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  • Allen of Hanover, customer since 2003 (Received 11/28/11)
    I am a 58 year old male. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes almost 44 years ago,8 years ago, before I started taking 300 mg / day of Benfotiamine I had background and prolific retinopathy.
  • Linda of Kissimmee, Florida (Received 9/30/03)
    I have been on your Benfotiamine for maybe a month now. I've been diabetic for at least 12 years, based on when the neuropathy in my feet began, but have only known I'm diabetic for about 19 months.
  • Conne of Colorado (Received 11/22/03)
    I am a 48 yr old female Type 1 diabetic. For the last 8 years my health has failed due to this disease.
  • Jane of United Kingdom (Received 02/09/10)
    I am a Type I Diabetic (33 years). I have been taking benfotiamine for about 2 years. The benfotiamine has helped with a trapped nerve in my arm.
  • Bill of Indiana, USA (Received 12/04/08)
    I had painful, nearly debilitating sciatica and tried everything I could to get rid of it: pain killers, muscle relaxers physical therapy, etc.
  • Rita of Elmore, NV (Received 4-20-12)
    I have been taking the Multi-B Neuropathy Support Formula since the fall of 2007. Two capsules twice a day relieves the tingling and burning pain of my type 1 Diabetic Neuropathy pain in my hands, feet and legs by 95%. In four days I noticed a difference and by week 2, it was nearly gone. I hope your company never goes out of business!
  • Richard C. Los Angeles, CA (Received 5/9/12)
    Two years ago my 77 year old wife was diagnosed by two MD's as having Alzheimer's. I read all the horror stories on the Alzheimer's website and was resigned as caregiver to a lifetime taking care of a wife who only got worse. As a consequence of stress I developed shingles in my left ear and scalp. To cure the post neuralgic pain, I found a site that advertised Benfotiamine. In one day my scalp stopped being painful, and in a week the ear pain disappeared. At this time I was reading material which described Alzheimer's as Type 3 diabetes. My wife has always been a borderline Type 2 diabetic. So if Benfotiamine works on my scalp, let's try it on my wife's Type 3 diabetes. It worked. Instead of living with a uncontrolled paranoid schizophrenic, I now was living with a tolerably normal woman. Because of brain damage from the previous two years of supposed Alzheimer's, I did not expect a cure. She still has some hallucinations, the sense of time is gone, and the speech is difficult. However, we can most days carry on a normal conversation, and I can sleep nights. I have done a lot of research on the internet and found that Benfotiamine or vitamin B1 is a necessary component of the glucose/insulin reaction in the brain. My wife's dementia was misdiagnosed as Alzheimer's, when, indeed, she had a shortage of vitamin B1 in the brain.

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